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Executives in Action (EIA) was founded by Chris and Ashlee Kleinert in partnership with Entrepreneurs for North Texas (EFNT) and the Center for Nonprofit Management (CNM) in 2009. Together, they sought to address a growing need in the nonprofit community for operational support and organization development. By matching skilled executives with area nonprofits, EIA changed the face of volunteer engagement and impact in North Texas.

Over the last 7 years, EIA has worked with more than 270 nonprofits, unleashing $5.3M in human resource capital across the Metroplex, but continued to receive volumes of nonprofit and volunteer requests that could not be met. EIA partnered with the innovative Catchafire to scale the number of volunteers and nonprofits that can be matched. Powered by a revolutionary technology, North Texas nonprofits now have the opportunity to engage professionals to help them accomplish everything their organization needs through a volunteer base devoted to meeting their mission and expanding their impact.

Catchafire is the largest, online skills-based volunteer platform, providing social mission organizations with support in marketing and communications, web development, operations, strategy and more. With a community of over 37,000 talented professionals, Catchafire's platform has the power to recreate the way we give and how we change the world.

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What Others Are Saying

“Catchafire helps to fuel my desire to help, I have worked for 12 years in Finance, on the other side I am a Masters degree holder in photography and focus a great deal of time on personal projects. It was a great experience working with the Theatre and the Staff who I thank immensely for their time and effort and kindness in the months we worked together, as well as to all the folks involved.”

Francis Minien

Francis Minien ,

Capco, Completed 2 Projects

“A few ‘clicks’ and within 10-minutes of creating my profile, I was introduced to my first project. Within 48 hours of my application, I was on my way to collaborate with a wonderful community and directly impact the lives of children in India. Where else could I have found such an efficient, convenient and rewarding volunteer experience?”

Giselle Diaz-Campagna

Giselle Diaz-Campagna,

Founder of Bodhi Media Lab, 2 Projects Completed

“I cannot build a house, cannot fix a toy, and I surely cannot tutor kids to do well on the SATs. That said, I know how to put together a lean and mean budget. That’s why I like Catchafire.”

Jane Kolsova

Jane Kolsova,

Salesforce, 6 Projects Completed

“I like to know that beyond my full-time job, I can use and improve my professional skills while helping others. I also think that the donation of your time and skills is more meaningful and rewarding than giving money. The Catchafire projects have truly been mutually beneficial”

Samantha Taube

Samantha Taube,

American Express, Completed 5 Projects

“I joined Catchafire because I wanted to give something back to inspirational non-profit organizations and charities, as well as build my portfolio. I have already had the opportunity to work with some amazing people from several organizations. I highly recommend Catchafire to professionals who are interested in getting involved.”



Freelance Designer, Five Projects Completed


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I can’t find a project that fits my skillset and cause interests. What can I do?

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